Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Stanford Prison Experiment

When good people are placed in an evil or harmful place surprising things happen. Examples of this are found throughout The Stanford Prison Experiment and Lord of the Flies. The Stanford Prison Experiment is an experiment that was run by professors at Stanford on their students. The students were broken up into two groups; prisoners and guards. The guards quickly became violent and abusive of the prisoners. This shows how quickly good people can become power hungry and evil. In Lord of the Flies, this is similar to how the kids on the island slowly become savage without supervision. A great example of this is when Jack ties up Wilfred and beats him in plain view. This shows how the boys become savages and their actions change as they stay on the island longer. I think these examples show how evil triumphs over people. In both these examples the characters slowly become corrupted and evil because of the situation. Good people in bad environments lose sight of their morals and become different people.

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