Sunday, April 10, 2016

Figurative Language Blog Assignment - Lord of the Flies

"The maze of the darkness sorted into near and far, and at the high point of the sky the cloudlets were warmed with color" (99).

The quote I chose compares the darkness of the night to the mystery of a maze. This quote explains how easy it is to misinterpret something that takes place during the night. The next section of the quote describes the beauty of the sunrise and how perception changes during the day. The quote explains how things become more clear and defined during the day opposed to during the night. Golding uses figurative language at this moment in the book because early that morning, Sam and Eric claim to have seen the beast. This is actually just the darkness playing tricks on their minds and twisting the image of a parachutist into this "beast" like creature. They boys describe the beast to Ralph and the whole group becomes fearful of the beast that was truly only the darkness. As the sun comes up, Golding uses this quote to compare the difference between day and night. If Sam and Eric were there during the day they would not have seen a "beast". They would have only seen the parachutist in the clarity of the daytime.

This image shows an example of a tangled maze that Golding compares to the night. Just like a maze, darkness can make things seem complex and unfamiliar.

This picture shows the sun piercing through clouds. The area where the sun hits the ground is much more clear and defined then the areas outside of the suns rays. This shows what Golding was trying to describe with the sun bringing clarity in the morning.

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