Thursday, December 17, 2015

Forgive or Don't Forget?

I read an article called The Healing Power Of Holding a Grudge. I completely agree with the points that Doonan was trying to make in his article. I think that there are some things that take time to forgive and others that are completely unforgivable. I found the many cases of people forgiving rape and murder mind boggling. It's incredible how quick people are to forgiveness without allowing themselves to process what happened. I also agree that there are many good ways to channel these emotions into something positive like sports. As Doonan states, "grudges and bearing... in some instances can be quite invigorating". He mentions how you can use these chips on your shoulder to motivate you to do better in sports or elsewhere in your life. I think this article is definitely something to consider the next time you rush to forgiveness in your life.

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